14 Wing Greenwood to welcome civilian planes after Waterville Airport closes



Waterville Airport in Kings County closes at the end of the month, and those with planes and hangars there are moving to a new home.

The Freedom Aviation Society, which represents pilots and aircraft owners leaving Waterville, has signed a temporary agreement with the Department of National Defense to establish a civil aviation operation at 14 Wing Greenwood.

Paul Easson, aircraft owner and chairman of the company, said a long-term final deal is still being finalized with DND, but he expects hangars and other buildings to be built. in Greenwood during the summer.

Easson said he hopes it will be fully operational by the end of October.

Waterville Airport closes on March 31. (Waterville / Kings County Airport / Facebook)

“Most of the negotiations are done, it’s just a matter of getting the parties to agree on the final document,” Easson told CBC Radio. Information morning.

“I don’t see this permanent arrangement taking very long to come.”

Easson said there will be hangars in Greenwood for between 15 and 20 civilian planes, with the same number coming from Waterville.

“It’s a wonderful facility, way beyond anything the county could afford [at Waterville], or that we could afford on our own, ”Easson said.

“The possibilities are greater in Greenwood than any other option that we could have taken advantage of. When you have two runways that are 8,000 feet long and 200 feet wide and built to handle the heaviest military aircraft, you have many options. “

Lots of possibilities

Easson said he believes more civilian pilots and aviation personnel will be interested in using 14 Wing Greenwood once the civilian operation is operational.

“The other thing that we have opportunities for is more commercial aviation, not necessarily passenger services, but we also have more opportunity with the runways at Greenwood.”

In late January, the Kings County Municipality Council approved the company’s 10-year business plan to lead a civil aviation operation in Greenwood.

The Council also approved a grant of $ 1.147 million to the company for the infrastructure and construction costs associated with the establishment of the civil aviation facility at Greenwood.

Waterville aircraft and aviation equipment will be relocated prior to the March 31 closure.

Kings County is still considering selling the land at Waterville Airport to Michelin, which says it wants the flexibility to expand its neighboring plant.



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