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Aerotech News and Review – Digital and print journal of the aerospace, defense and veterans industry, serving Antelope Valley (“Aerospace Valley”) and Edwards AFB, CA. An publication. – October 1, 2021

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Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out the October 1 issue of Aerotech News and Review! A staple in the skies over Aerospace Valley, the B-1B Lancer continues its retirement journey, with 17 other aircraft now retired. The handover of the aircraft supports the US Air Force‘s efforts to modernize the US bomber fleet, paving the way for the eventual deployment of the B-21 Raider. “Continued operations over the past 20 years have taken their toll on our B-1B fleet, and the plane we retired would have taken between $ 10 million and $ 30 million per plane to revert to a standstill fleet at short term until B -21 is coming online, “said Brigadier. Gen. Kenyon Bell, AFGSC Director of Logistics and Engineering. This is one more step towards the end of a era, and we’ve got full coverage for you in this week’s edition of Aerotech Click the link below to get your free digital copy of Aerotech News, viewable on your desktop or mobile device.

Here are some highlights from this week’s issue:

  • Youngest woman to fly solo around the world lands in Mojave: page 3
  • Photo function “On this date”: restart of the B-1 program, SpaceShipOne wins the Ansari X award, and more: page 5
  • Cam Martin: NASA communicator and “X-PLANE Explainer”: page 6
  • Stories from the High Desert Shed: What do Betty Grable and Halloween have in common? : page 7

All this and more, in this edition of Aerotech News and Review! Hard copies of this week’s document will be available at our regular delivery points throughout the Antelope Valley, including Edwards AFB, from October 1. Pick one when you’re on the go, or visit our website,, for more information on the aerospace and defense industry. “Like” our Facebook page for daily updates – we now regularly post news and stories about the military bases we serve in the Southwest Desert, as an extension of our military community and defense. As always, THANK YOU for your support – it is our privilege to serve you! Be careful and be well. #aerotechnews #eafbnews # explorethe661, #AerospaceValley



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