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The Air Force is seeking qualified Civil Aircraft Maintenance Technicians to fill vital positions within the Air Force Civil Service.

Unique skills such as installation, modification, testing, repair and other critical areas are critical to ensuring the safety of Airmen around the world and the Air Force‘s continued dominance in the global theater .

Across the country, aircraft maintenance engineers work alongside uniformed maintenance engineers on the most advanced fleet of aircraft in the world. They overhaul, repair, inspect and modify a variety of aircraft using some of the most advanced technology in the world.

There are civilian opportunities in the highly technical aerospace field, open to mechanics interested in airframe, engine, electronics and manufacturing and other aircraft-related specialties. The Air Force team also offers civilian opportunities for experienced field supervisors. Air Force civilians receive competitive pay, ongoing education and training, opportunities for advancement, and work-life balance.

For more information on applying for Air Force civilian aircraft maintenance positions, visit the Air Force Civilian Careers website.

Air Force civilian employment opportunities can be found by clicking here.


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