Airbus to deliver U.S.-built commercial aircraft with sustainable aviation fuel



Later this year, all aircraft delivered by Airbus’ U.S. manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama, will be delivered with sustainable aviation fuel on board later this year.

This initiative is a further step towards realizing Airbus’ commitment to carbon neutral growth in the aviation sector.

Airbus has entered into an agreement with Signature Flight Support to provide SAF to its mobile facility. No later than November 2021. All aircraft delivered to customers will be powered by a mixture of SAF and conventional jet fuel. Signature Flight Support works in partnership with World Energy to provide US SAF to Airbus.

“The delivery of our mobile devices with SAF is an important and iterative step towards solving the carbon challenge,” said Jeff Knittel, President and CEO of Airbus Americas, Inc. “SAF is positively contributing to the improvement of sustainability in aviation because it allows an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions throughout the life cycle of the fuel. We are committed to making sustainable fuels a daily reality with increasingly large scale use, and this announcement is further proof of that. “

From its US manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama, Airbus delivers A220 and A320 family aircraft to customers based in the United States. Since 2016, the company has delivered over 260 Airbus aircraft from Mobile – 54. Including delivery to airlines in 2021 alone.



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