Alpine Aerotech Obtains Approval For Bell 505 Cabin And Baggage Protection



Alpine Aerotech press release | November 3, 2021

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Alpine Aerotech has officially received Civil Aviation approval from Transport Canada (TCCA) for floor coverings and protective panels designed specifically for the cabin and baggage compartments of the Bell 505. Federal Aviation Administration approvals (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are currently on hold.

Photo Aérotech Alpine

Alpine Aerotech was engaged to perform the first 25-hour airframe inspection, install an Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT), an additional Garmin GTR225B communications radio and Bearpaws, while simultaneously developing

the panel protection kit for a local private operator. In a short period of two weeks, they completed all maintenance tasks

and simultaneously designed, manufactured and performed fit function tests for the kit. The cabin floor protection kit consists of 4 panels held by 6 stainless steel door sills for almost complete coverage. The luggage protection kit consists of 5 panels to protect the compartment from the movement of cargo in flight. Both kits are constructed with a material specially designed to be light and energy damping; which offers considerable weight savings compared to similar products.

“We had an extremely tight schedule on this project,” says Taylor Wilson, manufacturing manager at Alpine Aerotech. “Thanks to the hard work of our maintenance, design and manufacturing staff, we were able to complete the project and deliver the aircraft within two weeks. “

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