Bandai Namco announces state-of-the-art aircraft DLC for Ace Combat 7



Bandai Namco’s celebration of Ace Combat doesn’t just end because of a single DLC pack released last April. Several months later, Ace Combat 7 is back with another DLC pack bringing three cutting edge planes as well as a dozen skins for existing planes.

The aptly named advanced aircraft series features three new aircraft: the F / A-18F Block III, MiG-35D Super Fulcrum and F-2A Super Kai, each of which are upgraded versions of existing aircraft with new weapons. special needs and greater versatility. .

The F / A-18F Block III is the most recent upgrade to the F / A-18F, with improved avionics, a built-in infrared sensor, and compliant fuel tanks (although the current production version drops the fuel). In the game, this is represented by an updated cockpit model and improved weapon loading compared to the F / A-18F, including LACMs and 4AAMs.

The F-2A Super Kai was an F-2A upgrade proposal that featured many of the same upgrades found in modern export versions of the F-16 – as with the F-18F Block III, tanks compliant fuel, improved avionics, and improved sensors. Japan canceled the program and ultimately decided to purchase a brand new fifth-generation aircraft instead. In the game, it will feature LASM and 6AAM.

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The MiG-35 is the most recent evolution of the MiG-29KUB. Primarily intended for export to countries of the former Soviet bloc, the MiG-35 brings the MiG-29 into the modern era with multifunction displays, a helmet-mounted viewfinder and a data link. The trailer only features the SAAM special weapon, but the other two will likely be an air-to-air and air-to-ground mix to best represent the MiG-35’s multirole capabilities.

In addition to the three new planes, Bandai Namco is releasing over a dozen skins, including the General Resource skin for the F-16C, the F-15 S / MTD, the F / A-18F, the Nagase skin for the F -2A, Scarface skin for SU-57, Varcolac skins for SU-37 Terminator and MiG-31B, Windhover skin for F-16C, Razgriz skin for F-22A and X-02S Strike Wyvern, the Prototype skin for the X-02S Strike Wyvern, the Block1 skin for the ADFX-01 Morgan, and the Glowing Red ADFX-01 Morgan skin (which was technically a bug that Bandai Namco just decided to turn into a feature).

The Cutting Edge Aircraft DLC will arrive in Ace Combat 7 later this fall, which means within the next month.

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