Bangladeshi army receives second tactical airlifter from Airbus


The Bangladesh Army Aviation Group has received its second Airbus Defense and Space C295W tactical military transport aircraft.

The new medium utility military aircraft officially joined the Bangladeshi fleet on September 25 after a six-day journey from the company’s factory in Spain.

The military said the aircraft will boost the South Asian nation’s combat capabilities.

“This aircraft will be used for landing troops on the battlefield, moving troops quickly from place to place, aerial surveillance, cargo transport, VIP missions in addition to transporting a large number of emergency patients,” the Interagency Public Relations Branch said. .

“The aircraft will play an important role in transporting essential relief and medical supplies during natural calamities in the country.”

Bangladesh Army Aviation Group poses with its second C295W tactical military transport aircraft. Photo: Bangladesh Army/Directorate of interdepartmental public relations

“Next Generation Tactical Airlifter”

The Airbus C295 is a next-generation tactical airlifter that performs military and civic operations in all weather conditions.

“It is fully certified and regularly operates day and night in combat missions in all extreme weather conditions, from desert to maritime environments, from extremely hot to extremely cold temperatures,” Airbus writes on its website.

The 12.7-meter (41-foot) tactical airlifter features advanced mission sensors that help improve patrol and surveillance capabilities.

The aircraft’s new modern avionics, such as its intuitive human-machine interface, also enable better situational awareness and informed decision-making.


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