Combined car and airplane show raises funds for homeless vets



A combined auto and airplane show in Tallahassee this weekend was raising money to help homeless vets. The “Wings and Wheels” event also featured a true aviation pioneer.
Lt. Col. George Hardy flew with the legendary Tuskegee Airmen during WWII. His military career continued during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. But at Saturday’s event at Tallahassee International Airport, he was equally interested in the dozens of custom cars that were available.

“Well, that’s awesome! I’m just in awe of how many old cars are here and the condition they’re in. It’s very impressive that you have them all here. It’s beautiful! I look at the engines and they “I have a car and I’ve only looked at the engine a few times since I got it,” he said with a laugh.

With energy and enthusiasm that belied his 96th birthday, Hardy met hundreds of attendees throughout the show, remembering his flights with the famous “Red Tails” during WWII and his many combat missions in Vietnam. . He also spoke of the challenge of being among the first African Americans to be integrated into what had been all-white Air Force units as desegregation took place in the US military after World War II. All of the money raised by the show went to the Homeless Veterans Stand Down organization.



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