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Emergency repairs at homecanvas

Regardless of the situation, unexpected expenses are never fun. In case of repairs at home, emergencies are up there with some of the worst problems you need to fix right away. What do you do when your home insurance doesn’t cover a home emergency — a leaky roof, a broken air conditioner, or a burst water pipe? If you haven’t planned properly financially, you may find yourself in a bind when it comes time to pay for emergency home repairs. Luckily, you have several options when it comes to home repair loans.

Common home repairs

As you look around and notice all the things you might want to fix at home, there’s a difference between an emergency and what you can wait to fix, especially when you’re short on cash. Painting your home isn’t as important as fixing the toilet that goes into the bedroom.

Some of the most common Emergency repairs at home are:

  • fastening of a foundation
  • roof repair
  • Replacement of the water heater
  • Heating or air conditioning repair
  • pipe repair
  • Replace septic system

Some non-emergency home repairs include:

  • Paint your house, inside or out
  • Remove popcorn tops
  • Fixing a clogged garbage disposal
  • Fix a leaking toilet
  • Installation of lights
  • patch holes
  • Repair broken windows

How to pay for emergency repairs at home

You have several options to pay for your emergency home repairs, such as:

Using an Emergency Fund

One of the easiest ways to pay for unexpected home repairs is to lean on an emergency fund with money you’ve saved over time. Typically, it’s recommended that you save between three and six months of expenses in your emergency fund. This money is intended exclusively for unexpected events.


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