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Ukraine says damage to Russian flagship, crew evacuates
Ukrainian forces say they hit and severely damaged the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, inflicting a potentially major setback on forces in Moscow as they attempt to regroup for a new offensive in eastern Ukraine.

Russia has yet to slow down the shipment of Western weapons to Ukraine
The influx of Western weapons into Ukraine has helped blunt Russia’s initial offensive and looks certain to play a central role in the looming, potentially decisive, battle for Ukraine’s disputed Donbass region. Yet the Russian military is making little headway in stopping what has become a historic gun express.

The Secret to Ukraine’s Military Success: Years of NATO Training
Extensive programs have taught thousands of Ukrainians how to transition from a rigid Soviet-style force to a modern army that thinks on the move.

Nuclear bombs could be aimed at the UK
More than a decade after the US removed its last nuclear bombs from the UK, the Pentagon’s latest budget request suggests such weapons could return to British soil.


Leonardo CEO: European defense programs will flourish
The head of Italian defense giant Leonardo said there was a ‘great will’ in Europe to bring countries together to launch common defense programs as funding surges following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Esper joins venture capital firm Red Cell
Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has joined Washington-based venture capital firm Red Cell Partners as a partner and chairman of its national security practice, the firm announced April 13.

The Italian debate on the future of the gun manufacturer rumbles
A debate in Italy over the sale of a stake in gun maker Oto Melara rumbles with a young defense minister supporting Germany’s Rheinmetall and the CEO of Leonardo, owner of Oto Melara, calling the Franco-German joint venture KNDS of “ideal choice”.


Budget freezes slow sexual assault prevention reforms
The Pentagon is set to meet its first deadline on a year-long implementation plan for more than 80 recommendations issued last year after a review panel deepened disaster prevention and response programs. Department of Defense sexual assaults.

Navy saves Hawkeye which crashed off Virginia
The Navy has recovered the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye which crashed off Virginia last month.

Marine amphibious vehicle with drones considered for the future Marine Recon unit
The concept study will be completed in 2023.

Planes slated for divestment probably wouldn’t go to war anyway
The 250 planes the Air Force is seeking to divest in fiscal year 2023 — with potentially 1,000 net coming out of inventory during the five-year defense plan — are largely planes the service considers as obsolete for air combat and would not take to war anyway, said Chief of Staff General Charles Q. Brown, Jr.

While the GAO decision is expected soon, the Colorado delegation is ready to fight against the decision of SPACECOM
The findings of a GAO and Pentagon IG review of the Department of Defense’s decision to locate SPACECOM headquarters in Alabama are expected to be made public within days.


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