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Russia says some forces are withdrawing amid Ukraine crisis
Russia said on February 15 that some units taking part in military exercises would start returning to their bases, adding glimmers of hope that the Kremlin may not be planning to invade Ukraine any time soon, although she gave no details of the withdrawal.

US and UK sign cooperation agreement for future vertical lift programs
On February 14, the United States signed an agreement with the United Kingdom to assess the possibility of cooperation on future vertical lifting programs.


Lockheed Martin says its efforts to acquire Aerojet are over
Lockheed Martin announced on February 13 that its controversial bid to acquire Aerojet Rocketdyne was officially over.

Epirus launches high-power microwave module for drones
Venture capital-backed start-up Epirus has unveiled a high-powered microwave system capable of deploying on a drone, the California-based company announced on Feb. 14.

Russia’s defense aircraft sales are booming, but are they losing their biggest regional customer?
Russia’s aerospace industry thrives on a lucrative export market in the Indo-Pacific region, selling multirole fighters, light attack aircraft and helicopters to traditional customers and making inroads into new ones.

Singapore bolsters its Chinook fleet with CH-47F deliveries
Singapore will retire its Boeing CH-47D Chinook heavy-lift helicopters as it continues to receive deliveries of new CH-47Fs from the United States, the head of the Republic of Singapore Air Force has confirmed. .

Atos’ Cyril Dujardin on European Defense opportunities in 5G technology
Defense watchers increasingly see fifth-generation, or 5G, wireless technology as a key civilian-developed technology that will provide next-generation connectivity and more unified networking to troops around the world.

The French army uses new technology to conquer the seabed
Autonomous and remote-controlled drones are at the heart of France’s ambitions to further explore and exploit deep waters under a new seabed strategy released on February 14.


Three takeaways from the US Navy’s first F-35C deployment
The aircraft carrier Carl Vinson returned home on February 14 after a six-and-a-half-month deployment to the Indo-Pacific, in the US Navy’s first deployment of the “air wing of the future”.

Air Force fleet mission capability rates are stagnating. Here is the plan to change that.
The Air Force has spent the past four years making concerted efforts to prepare its aircraft for war. He barely gained any ground.

US Navy eyes Israeli robots as Bennett visits Bahrain, official says
US Navy plans to add unmanned Israeli boats to its joint Middle East operations, US official says, move that could deepen Israel’s growing role in regional military arrangements as it normalizes ties with former enemies in the Gulf.

Air Force Research Lab Boosts Cislunar Projects
The Air Force Research Laboratory could award a contract as early as this summer for a new cislunar space domain awareness experiment to help the U.S. military observe and track objects that reside between geostationary orbit and the moon.


Veterans’ groups call on Congress to stop Afghan evacuees from being deported from the United States
As some Afghans evacuated during the massive Kabul airlift face losing their legal status in the United States in six months, veterans groups are pushing Congress to find a way to let those rescued stay permanently.


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