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Biden promises additional troops and sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine
The United States will send more troops to NATO members in Eastern Europe, including Poland or Romania, if Russian President Vladimir Putin goes ahead with an invasion of Ukraine, he said. said President Joe Biden on January 19.

Russian attack could happen ‘any minute’, Ukrainian official says
“If you put it in terms of green, yellow and red, I would say we are yellow-plus,” the official said of the state of alert for Ukrainian forces.

China says it warned US warship in South China Sea, US denies
Chinese forces tracked and warned a US warship that entered waters near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, the country’s military said on January 20, but the US Navy denied the vessel had been warned.


Greece reinforces the air force with advanced French jets
French-built fighter jets roared over the Acropolis on January 19 as Greece rushes to modernize its military and flaunts new security alliances aimed at controlling neighboring Turkey.

Agreement with Hensoldt extends Leonardo’s participation in Eurofighter’s radar business
Leonardo has won 260 million euros ($296 million) in Eurofighter radar work from Germany’s Hensoldt, meaning the Italian company is now playing a major role in the three new e-scan radars being built for Typhoon customers.

Turkey starts mass production of Hurjet armed trainer
Turkish procurement officials believe that once the Hurjet is combat-proven through use by the Turkish military, export prospects will flourish.


Air Force Must Harden Pacific Bases Against Missiles, Secretary Says
Today’s unhardened, unscattered hangars are easy targets for a new generation of Chinese weapons, Frank Kendall said.

Military could take months to assess 5G security risks for planes
As the commercial airline and telecommunications industries work to limit potential aircraft safety risks from the deployment of new 5G networks, it may be months before the U.S. military knows whether, or how big of a problem it might be for his own planes.

New DARPA research could make night vision goggles smaller
The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded 10 teams more than $18 million total in first-round contracts for a program to make night-vision goggles less bulky and more powerful.

New Bill Aims to Cut DOD Parts Prices
House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney proposed legislation on Jan. 19 to force government suppliers to publicly disclose data on their costs, a move intended to help the government negotiate better deals for spare parts. replacement.

Navy should not build next-generation destroyers until technology is proven, Navy secretary warns
More testing is needed on new technologies “so that we don’t get ahead of the game,” says Del Toro, citing mistakes made while building the futuristic Zumwalt class.

The US Space Force wants funding for a new mission – tracking ground targets
The US Space Force wants to take on a new mission – tracking ground targets with space sensors – and the service plans to wrap up a review and seek funding for the effort in fiscal year 2024, the senior official says. of service.


Congress votes to honor WWII Shadow Army with Congressional Gold Medal
House lawmakers voted unanimously to award a Congressional Gold Medal to a secret US military unit that deceived German troops with inflatable tanks, audio recordings and other methods of military deception during the Second World War.

The new $16 billion VA medical records system has been delayed again. This time by COVID
Plans to roll out the software in Ohio in March are pushed back nearly two months.


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