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Russia, the United States and Ukraine will face each other in the UN Security Council
The UN Security Council is due to meet on January 31 for the first time on Russian troop build-up and threatening actions against Ukraine at the request of the United States, and all key players are expected to clash in public about the possibility of a Russian invasion and its global impact.

US Navy and NATO presence in Black Sea has shrunk since Russia joined Ukraine, figures show
A Stars and Stripes analysis of the data found that despite NATO rhetoric about a stronger presence in the Black Sea, the trend has been in the opposite direction.

North Korea confirms test of missile capable of hitting US bases in Guam
North Korea confirmed on January 31 that it had tested an intermediate-range ballistic missile capable of reaching the US territory of Guam, the North’s biggest weapons launch in years, as Washington plans measures to show its commitment to its Asian allies.


Shipbuilder Huntington Ingalls picks Kastner as next chief executive
Huntington Ingalls Industries’ board of directors on Jan. 27 elected Chris Kastner, the company’s current chief operating officer, to be its next president and chief executive officer.

Philippines signs deal for BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missile
The Philippines has signed a contract with an Indian company for land-based medium-range supersonic anti-ship missiles, bolstering the US ally’s ability to target opposing ships from land.


Navy says leaked footage of F-35 crash in South China Sea is real
Video and photos of an F-35C Joint Strike Fighter that suffered a ‘landing crash’ on January 24 aboard the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and then crashed into the South China Sea show the jet just before and after its impact with the cockpit.

The Pentagon’s new space acquisition branch will take shape in 2022
The Space Force colonel who moved to the Pentagon to lead space architecture, science and technology will take on a new role in a new office under a new assistant secretary who is yet to be confirmed.

Pentagon report: Air Force should work with Army and Navy on hypersonic best practices
The Air Force should work closely with the Army, Navy and Department of Defense to identify best practices and share data as it seeks to get its hypersonic missile program back on track, according to the recommendations of a new Pentagon report published on January 27.

US Navy adopts new strategy prioritizing ‘building blocks’ of unmanned technology
The US Navy is unlikely to pursue a formal program for unmanned surface ships in the next five years, instead focusing first on enabling technologies, several leaders said this month.

Space Force’s Troubled Space Tracking System Officially Shut Down
Collar. Rhet Turnbull: “Unfortunately, like so many DOD software programs, JMS failed to deliver after 10 years and a lot of money.”


Free home COVID tests for veterans? Lawmakers want VA to make it a thing.
The VA currently provides free coronavirus testing for veterans, but no home self-test kits.

Two Army veterans awarded $110 million in lawsuit over 3M earplugs
Two army veterans have won a total of $110 million in the latest decision in a series of lawsuits alleging 3M sold faulty army earplugs that caused hearing loss.


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