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Back on the ground in Somalia, US launches strike against al-Shabab
Two months after President Joe Biden announced that US troops would once again rotate into Somalia, the United States struck a group of al-Shabab fighters.

Russia expands territorial ambitions as US weighs sending fighter jets to Kyiv
With Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska in Washington, the White House warned that Moscow was seeking to annex parts of eastern and southern Ukraine.


Ukraine shows need for NATO ‘magazine depth’: Raytheon director
In the wake of the Ukraine crisis, Europe has finally realized the lack of “store depth” – having inventory in reserve – for sniping, according to Wes Kremer, president of Raytheon Missiles & Defense.

US State Department approves potential sale of C-17 aircraft carrier to UAE and Pentagon
The US State Department has approved the potential sale of C-17 aircraft and related equipment to the United Arab Emirates at an estimated cost of $980.4 million, the Pentagon announced July 19.

Turkish drone company Baykar ‘will never supply’ Russia: CEO
The CEO of Turkey’s Baykar, which makes drones widely used by Ukraine against Russian forces, has ruled out supplying the Bayraktar TB2 to Moscow.

Struggling Lockheed F-35 at greater risk of grounding for lack of working engines
A shortage of spare engines could ground some F-35s as repairing a key component of America’s most expensive fighter jet takes longer than expected, according to congressional auditors.

Leonardo and BAE announce a partnership on the Future Combat Air System demonstrator
Leonardo UK and BAE Systems have announced that they will partner on the development of a Future Combat Air System demonstrator, which the UK Ministry of Defense plans to fly by 2027.

Entrepreneurs turn to lasers for unmanned systems
The ability of laser technology to play a growing role in the military drone sector made its appearance at the Farnborough Airshow this week.

UK aviation sustainability mandates could bolster US defense sector
Commercial aerospace companies say the technology they are developing to help meet Britain’s mandate of net zero emissions by 2050 could have positive implications for the US defense industry.

Czech Republic picks F-35 as next fighter jet
The Czech government has decided to start negotiations with the United States to purchase 24 F-35 Lightning II fighter jets for the country’s air force.

South Korea to buy 20 more F-35s
South Korea will buy another 20 F-35A fighter jets from the United States, as part of its FX project focused on acquiring foreign stealth fighters from 2023 to 2028.

Norway to buy Raytheon’s Stormbreaker smart bomb for F-35 fleet
The Norwegian Ministry of Defense confirmed this week that it will purchase Raytheon Technologies’ StormBreaker smart bomb from the US Air Force.


Army reopens nearly 900 investigations into G-RAP recruitment fraud
The Army’s Criminal Investigations Division is re-examining nearly 900 investigations it previously conducted of personnel accused of fraud or other crimes while participating in the Guardsman Recruitment Assistance Program between 2005 and 2012 , according to an email obtained by Army Times.

Marines buy Iron Dome-based missile interceptor after successful live-fire test
“We asked for a nasty solution to a nasty problem, and MRIC delivered it to us,” Marine No. 2 said.

Pentagon renames UFO office, expands mission to include ‘transmedium’ objects
After only eight months of existence, the Pentagon’s office responsible for investigating and tracking UFOs – or unidentified aerial phenomena – will be looking beyond the stars for objects of interest.

Senate attempts to block military transfers based on potentially discriminatory state laws
The military would not be allowed to consider state laws when deciding where to station service members under an amendment included in the Senate version of the annual defense policy bill.

With $100 million, can the Senate save a massive underwater drone program from the Navy’s chopping block?
In its report, the Senate Armed Services Committee justified the decision by saying that Snakehead could be “a significant capability” once deployed.

Marines suspend amphibious combat vehicle operations at sea after 2 ACVs disabled in heavy surf
Marines are keeping their amphibious combat vehicles out of the water following a training incident Tuesday in high surf that disabled two ACVs, the service said late July 20.


Medals of Honor for Soldiers Who Perpetrated Wounded Knee Massacre May Be Canceled
Lawmakers moved last week to reclaim the nation’s highest honor for bravery from Army troops who carried out one of the most infamous Native American massacres in U.S. history.

Church that allegedly ripped off GI Bill benefits is proof that more oversight is needed, lawyer tells Congress
An advocacy group told a House panel on July 20 that a church suspected of ripping off veterans out of millions in service benefits should be a wake-up call for education payment regulators. GI Bill.

VA’s $16 billion medical records review could triple its cost
Veterans Affairs officials said Wednesday they would delay the planned rollout of the department’s new electronic medical records to sites in Idaho, fearing the $16 billion project could put veterans at risk and triple its cost. cost.


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