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Navy engineer, his wife convicted in submarine spy case
A navy engineer and his wife have been sentenced to long prison terms for a plot to sell secrets about nuclear submarines.

Russia says it is withdrawing troops from key Ukrainian city
The Russian military has announced its withdrawal from Kherson, but Ukrainian authorities have warned against viewing the withdrawal as a fait accompli.


US Air Force seeks industry input on Cloud One successor contract
The Department of the Air Force is seeking industry feedback as it prepares a follow-on agreement for its landmark Cloud One program.

Air Force orders 2 additional new E-11A BACN aircraft systems, making 5
The Air Force has awarded Northrop Grumman a contract to equip two more Bombardier E-11A business jets with the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) system. The service already operates three of these aircraft, which are used to enhance joint and coalition forces tactical communications.

Canada buys 39 General Dynamics vehicles and considers anti-tank weapons
The Canadian military has ordered 39 additional light armored vehicles from General Dynamics for $165 million to replace equipment it donated to Ukraine earlier this year, according to a Ministry of Defense spokesperson. National Defense.

Bahrain will receive the first batch of Block 70 F-16s in early 2024
Royal Bahraini Air Force will receive first batch of four F-16 Block 70 jets by first half of 2024 following COVID-19-related delay, air force commander says , Major General Shaikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Khalifah. Severance Defense.

Naval companies woo Greece for ship upgrades
Last month, on the first day of the biennial Euronaval business conference, France’s new Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu made sure to meet Greek Deputy Defense Minister Nikolaus Hardalias at the Hellenic Pavilion.


Air Force investigates damaged B-52 bomber after mid-air bird strike
An Air Force B-52H Stratofortress bomber was recently damaged while skirmishing along the northern United States border with enemies a fraction of its size: birds.

Three-year-old LCS Wichita suffers an accident in the propulsion plant
Littoral combat ship Wichita suffered a problem in its propulsion plant last month as the ship returned home from deployment.

Mechanics may have accidentally forced the Air Force to ground more than 100 C-130s
A long-standing practice by Air Force mechanics is likely the reason the C-130 Hercules propeller blades cracked, which grounded more than 100 aircraft in late September.


Veterans Day gifts await, from donuts to gym memberships
Every dollar — and every gesture of appreciation — matters to veterans.

After electoral victories, the number of veterans in Congress increases
The number of veterans elected to Congress will increase in the next session, only the third time this has happened in the last five decades.

IAVA’s CEO leaves his management position
Jeremy Butler, CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, will step down as head of the organization in the coming months, group officials announced Nov. 8.

VA must train employees on abortion rules to provide proper care and safety, House Democrats say
The Department of Veterans Affairs should train all employees to implement the agency’s new abortion guidelines to ensure female veterans receive proper health care and safety, according to a new report from Democrats. House Veterans Affairs Committee.


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