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Putin declares martial law in annexed regions of Ukraine
The decree orders the creation of territorial defense forces in the four regions of Ukraine annexed by Moscow.

Pentagon says terror attacks in Africa have increased 300% over the past decade
Islamic extremism has soared in Africa despite continued efforts by US Africa Command to quell terrorism on the continent, an August Pentagon report found.

About 100 American planes, including F-35s, will take part in a large-scale exercise with South Korea
US and South Korean military aircraft are to hold a five-day large-scale aerial exercise to “enhance combat readiness”, a South Korean air force spokesman told reporters during a briefing. a briefing on October 18.


Army prepares to select tactical truck builders
The Army is expected to select several vendors early next year to build prototypes for its Common Tactical Truck competition.

Palantir Wins Contract to Help Army Rapidly Process Battlefield Data
Palantir Technologies has won a US Army contract worth $59 million to support the testing and deployment of software that enables analysts to analyze large amounts of data and quickly provide leaders with the latest information on the battlefield.

Lockheed’s new office seeks partnerships with midsize companies
It’s the company’s latest move to provide commercial weaponized technology to the Pentagon.

Saab demonstrates autonomous ‘Enforcer-3’ in joint trials with Swedish Navy
Saab’s efforts reflect a growing interest in the United States and Europe for unmanned and autonomous technologies.

New image shows what the B-52 will look like after engine and radar replacement
A new image from Boeing shows what the B-52H will look like after a series of modifications that the Air Force says are significant enough to warrant the plane’s redesignation as a B-52J or K.

San Diego startup Seasats lands $10m from L3Harris for rugged ocean drones
The San Diego-based company aims to be a game changer with flexible, affordable and scalable unmanned surface craft that carry ocean-sensing payloads.

In view of operations on the seabed, the French companies iXBlue and ECA Group rename themselves Exail
Two French tech companies have come together as a new entity to provide an array of solutions to France as the country seeks to master the seabed.

France joins Belgian-Dutch plans for naval mine clearance technology
Three European nations have teamed up to develop new naval countermine capabilities, with France aligning itself with an existing Belgian-Dutch program.

Gorge Group units rename themselves ‘Exail’ to focus on submersible drones
Two autonomous systems units from French technology company Gorge Group have come together as a new entity to provide products and services as France seeks to master the seabed.


Pentagon replaces HIMARS launcher and rocket stocks sent to Ukraine
The U.S. military in recent weeks awarded Lockheed Martin $179 million to replace high-mobility artillery rocket systems and guided multiple-launch rocket systems it sent from its own stockpiles in Ukraine. , according to Pentagon data to be released Oct. 19.

‘Look at future combat’: Marines see Australia as center of power projection, ex-officer says
The Marine Corps is eyeing northern Australia, where 2,200 Marines completed a six-month training rotation this week, as a hub to launch influence in Southeast Asia, a former Marine officer says .


VA officials are confident they are ready for the next COVID surge
Veterans Affairs health officials said Oct. 19 they are confident in their system’s ability to handle a further surge in COVID-19 cases later this year, even as the distribution of vaccines and boosters has slowed nationwide.

VA is accelerating efforts to get new employees to work earlier to meet health care demands
The Department of Veterans Affairs will hold events in November to rush new hires and fill vacancies faster as the agency strives to hire 50,000 workers a year to meet demands and trends affecting health care Veterans Affairs, said Veterans Affairs Undersecretary of Health Shereef Elnahal. October 19.

More than 41,000 VA patients warned of delayed care due to troubled electronic records system
About 41,500 Department of Veterans Affairs patients are receiving letters telling them their care may have been delayed due to issues with the VA’s beleaguered new electronic health records system, the top health official said. from the agency to journalists on October 19.


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