Headlines – August 2, 2021




US military warns China is building more nuclear missile silos
The underground missile silo field in the Xinjiang region is the second reported this summer.

Philippines maintains pact allowing US war drills as tensions in China rise
Austin thanked Duterte for the move, which he said would further strengthen the two nations’ 70-year treaty alliance.

Citing Taliban violence, US expands Afghan refugee program
On August 2, the Biden administration stepped up efforts to evacuate at-risk Afghan citizens from Afghanistan as Taliban violence there escalates ahead of the U.S. military’s withdrawal at the end of the month.


Here’s how Shield AI’s technology will increase V-Bat’s abilities on a contested battlefield.
Shield AI’s purchase of Martin UAV, maker of the V-Bat vertical take-off and landing unmanned aircraft system, became official on July 30.


The high end of the defense “will probably increase”. Leading Democrats see rise in GOP as path to a deal-
Senate Armed Services Chairman Jack Reed has said defense revenue “will likely increase” to gain Republicans’ support on the path to a budget deal for FY2022? and some other key Democrats on defense issues reluctantly say the same thing.

Navy decommission littoral combat ship Independence-
The Independence, commissioned in 2010, was one of the test and training vessels in the Littoral Combat Ship program.


The VA $ 270 billion budget plan is moving forward, with a target for completion in early fall-
The new fiscal year begins Oct. 1, a deadline Congress has rarely met in recent years for its money bills.



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