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Thousands of Afghan allies, families still trapped under Taliban control
Thousands of Afghans who assisted the United States government and military during the two-decade war against the Taliban remain stranded in the country – along with thousands of other family members, defenders said. at the Post.

Afghan victims lament US drone strike goes unpunished
An infernal missile had struck a car belonging to Zemerai Ahmadi, killing him and nine relatives, including seven children, in the chaotic final days of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

China Targeted Taipei Allies As US Hosts Democracy Summit – Taiwan Foreign Minister
Nicaragua’s decision last week to sever relations with Taiwan was part of a deliberate move by China to target the island’s diplomatic allies after it was excluded from a democracy summit hosted by Washington, the minister said. Taiwanese Foreign Office on December 14.


Pentagon stops implementing vaccine mandate for defense contractors
A Pentagon spokeswoman said the department has stopped implementing the vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

Boss of Anduril: In the age of strategic competition, we need artificially intelligent systems
With the resurgence of the great power, competition has come from the resurgence of defense technology.

Huntington Ingalls CEO: Prepare for the Next Generation of National Defense Innovators
Almost a decade ago, the Council on Foreign Relations made a statement that has stuck in my mind: that human capital will determine power in this century, and the failure to produce that capital will undermine security. United States National.

Pentagon Watchdog: US Should Insist TransDigm Repay $ 20 Million In “Surplus Profit”
A new report from the Pentagon’s Office of the Inspector General recommends that the department seek a refund of at least $ 20.8 million from TransDigm, a company long criticized for what Defense Department officials see as a model collecting “excess profits”.

U.S. military seeks lasting relationship with commercial space industry
The US military wants to buy more products and services from commercial space companies. That’s easier said than done, however, as the Pentagon is still trying to figure out how to work with the new space sector and attract vendors who haven’t traditionally pursued contracts with the government, officials said. December 14 at a TechCrunch conference on the space industry.

Lockheed to Offer ‘Competitive Prices’ on T-50 Derived Advanced Combat Trainer
Lockheed Martin will offer a variant of its T-50A in competition to build the Air Force‘s new tactical combat trainer rather than a clean design, the company said on Dec. 14, insisting it will get a “competitive price” with the aircraft.

Kuwait receives its first two Eurofighter
The first two of the 28 Eurofighters ordered by Kuwait have been delivered to the Gulf state, Italy’s Leonardo announced on December 14.


U.S. military assigns tactical cloud data and experiences to multi-domain task forces
The U.S. military’s multi-domain task forces will serve as primary test beds for the service’s emerging data and cloud initiatives, senior service officials told reporters.

Air Force publishes first doctrine on agile combat employment
The Air Force announced the release of its first Agile Combat Employment Doctrine publication on December 14, outlining its key frameworks and concepts as the service seeks to codify and develop the new operational approach.



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