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Hidden Pentagon Archives Reveal Patterns of Failure in Deadly Airstrikes
The mine of documents – the military’s own confidential assessments of more than 1,300 civilian casualty reports, obtained by The New York Times – shows how the air warfare has been marked by deeply flawed intelligence, hasty targeting and often inaccurate, and the deaths of thousands of civilians, many of them children, a stark contrast to the US government’s image of a war waged by all-seeing drones and precision bombs.

Iraq’s green zone hit by rockets days after US ends combat role
Two rockets struck the heavily fortified Baghdad Green Zone, home to the United States Embassy, ​​causing property damage but no casualties, the Iraqi military said in early December 19.

Russia sets tough demands for NATO security pact
Moscow wants the United States to immediately start talks on the proposals in Geneva.

NATO won’t let Russia dictate military stance, Germany says
NATO will discuss Russia’s security proposals, but it will not let Moscow dictate the alliance’s military position, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said on December 19 during a visit to German troops based in Lithuania to deter a Russian attack.


Boeing suspends vaccination mandate for its employees
Boeing announced on December 17 that it had suspended its obligation to vaccinate its United States-based employees against COVID-19.

US Space Force awards $ 67 million contract to Raytheon to test prototype weather satellite
The US Space Force has awarded Raytheon Technologies a $ 67 million contract to test a prototype weather system the company designed for the service, the US firm said on December 15.

German proposal for EU arms export regime faces uphill battle
The new German government’s focus on a common arms export policy for the European Union faces an uphill battle after a French official said this week that Paris remained reluctant to cede its oversight national level on this thorny subject.


Dishonorable discharge for COVID vaccine refusal off table as military separations begin
Defense officials will not be allowed to give other than honorable discharges to troops who refuse COVID-19 vaccines once the new Defense Authorization Bill is enacted.

US Air Force detonates target with cruise missile from cargo plane
The Air Force wants to make a “bomb bay in a box” to load onto cargo planes – and for the first time has launched a cruise missile armed in this way.


At least 458 US extremist crimes involved veterans and active-duty soldiers
The number of people of military origin who have committed criminal acts motivated by extremist views has jumped in the past decade, according to a new study from the University of Maryland.

Volunteers lay wreaths on 14,500 veterans’ graves at the Alleghenies National Cemetery
Green wreaths with red bows were set against the white tombstones.



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