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Russian forces surround Ukraine on three sides. This map shows how Moscow’s positioning could widen the conflict.
Russian forces now surround Ukraine on three sides, and Western officials fear a military operation will begin as early as this month.

US, Russia meet for talks amid tensions over Ukraine
Senior US and Russian officials on Monday launched special strategic stability talks as part of a wave of diplomatic activity in Europe this week aimed at defusing tensions over the strengthening of the Russian military on the border with the Ukraine, although no major breakthrough was immediately in sight.

Sullivan warns Iran of ‘grave consequences’ if US citizens are attacked
On January 9, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan warned Iran that it would face “serious consequences” if US citizens were attacked after Iranian officials sanctioned several Americans.


Israeli subsidiary signs first public agreement with United Arab Emirates for work on A330 aircraft
Elbit Systems, which announced on Jan.3 that it would work on the UAE Air Force‘s multi-role tanker transport fleet, said the project will take five years.

Boeing’s updated Valkyrie reveals evolving hypersonic design
Boeing has revealed an updated concept for its Valkyrie reusable hypersonic unmanned aircraft that indicates new design approaches for entryways and shaping.

Saudi Arabia could run out of interceptor missiles in “months”
As Houthi rebel attacks escalate, Riyadh is in “an urgent situation” as it lacks missiles for its air defense system, reports the Financial Times newspaper.


Navy training camp extended to 10 weeks to prepare recruits for fleet life
The goal of the additional two weeks is to provide Sailors with more resources and fleet-centric training that will contribute to their success in the Navy.

The army finally chooses an optic for Next Generation Squad Weapon
The military has yet to decide which of the two competitors will build the Army and Marine Corps replacement for the M4, M16 and M249, but on January 7, they announced who will manufacture the advanced optics to go to the on top of the next Generation Squad Weapon.

Navy and Air Force flight statistics have dive bombed for two decades: CBO
The decline in military flight hours and aircraft availability has remained a hot topic for lawmakers for several years.

Marine amphibious combat vehicles resume water operations
The Marine Corps Amphibious Fighting Vehicle is “on the verge of returning” to unrestricted water operations after the service developed a new way to use a towline for recovery operations, officials said.

Space Force will use navigation data from LEO constellations to detect electronic interference
Under a $ 2 million contract with the US Space Force, Slingshot Aerospace will develop an analysis tool that uses location data from commercial low-earth orbit satellites to identify potential sources of electronic interference in the world. ground.


Unemployment among veterans drops to lowest level in two years
The unemployment rate among U.S. veterans in December fell to its lowest level in more than two years, ahead of the on-going coronavirus pandemic that has sidelined hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country. country.

Covid push delayed release of VA recommendations for facility closures and extensions
Veterans Affairs leaders were due to unveil a department-wide plan later this month for changes in staffing levels and facility planning that could have long-term effects on the health system footprint at across America for years to come.


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