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US military covered up airstrike in Syria that killed dozens of women and children
The airstrike was one of the most significant incidents involving civilian casualties in the war against ISIS, but the US military never acknowledged it.

Taliban hold military parade with US-made weapons in Kabul to show their strength
Taliban forces staged a military parade in Kabul on November 14 using captured US-made armored vehicles and Russian helicopters in a demonstration that showed their ongoing transformation from an insurgent force to a standing regular army.

Chinese mockups of US carriers send clear message, expert says
Chinese scale models of US warships and planes intended for shooting practice send a clear message to the US military, a US Naval War College professor said recently.

US stocks in Ukraine turn on them as risk of Russian invasion rises, analysts say
The intensification of US military activity around Ukraine has become a new “red line” for Moscow that could increase the risk of a full-scale Russian invasion of the country, some military analysts warn as Russian troops are massing on the Ukrainian border.


Poland to acquire 300 used Cougar MRAPs in the United States
Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Baszczak announced that the country would acquire 300 used Cougar Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAPs) from the United States as part of efforts to modernize the country’s land forces. country.

Army is seeking industry to help shape its future SATCOM needs
The military is working with industry to help determine how it will use and purchase satellite communications so that forces can speak beyond line of sight.

IAI unveils Scorpius electronic warfare system for multi-threat confrontations
Israel Aerospace Industries has unveiled its new Scorpius family of electronic warfare systems based on active scanning array technology that provides the ability to simultaneously detect and respond to threats over a long distance.

TAI installs guided missile destroyer on A400M
Turkish Aerospace Industries has built and integrated a directional infrared countermeasure system for the multinational A400M heavy lift aircraft, the company said.

Rafael finds European partners to market the Trophy active protection system
Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has partnered with Germany’s Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Spain’s General Dynamics European Land Systems to help market the Trophy active protection system in Europe, the company said.

US Air Force to purchase E-7 Wedgetail in 2022, Boeing executive says
“I am very confident that the Air Force is choosing the E-7 to replace its E-3 fleet,” Mike Manazir, Boeing vice president of defensive business development, said at a press conference before the Dubai Airshow.


Pentagon says it will respond to Oklahoma governor after state National Guard rejects vaccine mandate
The department said it was “aware” of a memo released this week by the recently installed Oklahoma National Guard Adjutant General, which said the organization would not enforce the warrant. vaccine of the department for its troops. The Pentagon demanded in August that members of the US military service be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Army tests drones capable of delivering life-saving blood on the battlefield
Researchers from the military and tech companies demonstrated an unmanned plane delivering whole blood to a landing zone in Virginia.


Poll: Veterans say US left Afghanistan without honor, and they want to talk about it
Seventy percent of Americans surveyed said they “never” or “rarely” told a veteran about the war.

New Polls Show Americans Think Businesses Should Help Veterans Find Work
An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that American companies should recruit military veterans. This is one of the main findings of a new poll from JUST Capital and the Harris Poll.



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