Headlines – November 3 – Aerotech News & Review




Blinken says Russia could switch to Ukraine “at short notice”
Blinken said the United States had “made it clear to the Kremlin that we will respond resolutely, including with a series of high-impact economic measures that we have refrained from using in the past.”

Putin demands NATO guarantees not to expand east
Speaking at a ceremony at the Kremlin where he received the credentials of foreign ambassadors, Putin stressed that Russia will seek “reliable and long-term security guarantees.”

Russia orders US diplomats to leave as tensions in Ukraine escalate
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on December 1 that U.S. Embassy staff who had been in Moscow for more than three years were ordered to return home by January 31, an apparently retaliatory measure.

Hundreds of veterans and military send letters to Washington on behalf of Afghan allies
Hundreds of veterans and military personnel wrote a letter to members of Congress and the Biden administration calling for action in the continued evacuation and resettlement efforts of Afghan allies.

Biden administration presents space priorities at first National Space Council meeting
One of the five priorities of the United States is to “defend its national security interests against the increasing scope and scale of space and counter-space threats.”


Army awards Cole Engineering Services $ 957.7 million e-learning contract
Cole Engineering Services has been awarded a fixed price contract of $ 957.7 million to provide e-learning services to the military.

Lockheed unveils sleek F-35 trainer with same software capability but 90% smaller footprint
Lockheed Martin developed an F-35 trainer with less equipment that could allow the United States and partner nations to expand their training capacity at a lower cost.


Confidence in military continues to decline after withdrawal from Afghanistan (survey)
Confidence has fallen sharply this year, but the investigation is limited in its ability to say why.

USS Carl Vinson’s plane suffered two “Class A” incidents last week
Officials said the two affected planes are expected to resume operations.

Navy defends $ 80 million industrial expansion to fill hypersonic missile void
Without an $ 80 million industrial expansion plan, the Navy and Army will not have enough missiles for their nascent hypersonic weapons programs, lawmakers recently warned.

With the T-7 on the way, why is the ACC considering a new coach?
The Air Force is considering a new trainer aircraft, intended to mimic 4th and 5th generation fighter jets and better train the service’s newest fighter pilots to fly in combat.

Air Force leaders still urge Congress not to block modernization efforts
The Air Force is not abandoning its long-standing efforts to remove older planes, as his department chief continues to discuss plans with lawmakers to free up funds for his modernization efforts, he said. Air Force Under Secretary Gina Ortiz Jones said on November 30.


VA to resume medical records overhaul in early 2022, with new leadership guiding the work
The program has been on hold since the summer after reports of problems with the initial rollout last year.



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