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Taliban: “consequences” if American drones enter Afghan airspace
The Taliban accused the United States of violating the Withdrawal Agreement by continuing to fly drones over Afghanistan.

Why Bagram would not have made a difference, and more on the exit plan from Afghanistan
Officials have tried to answer unresolved questions from lawmakers.

Service members take legal action against Pentagon coronavirus vaccine warrant, demand exception for those who have had the virus
Two members of the service have filed a class action lawsuit against Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to end a mandate that all troops receive the coronavirus vaccine and create an exemption for those who have already been infected with the virus because ‘they have “natural immunity”.


Boeing gets green light to start building Germany’s P-8 anti-submarine plane
Boeing has signed a contract with the US Navy to produce five P-8A Poseidon maritime surveillance and anti-submarine aircraft for the German maritime service, the company said.

The Great Hypersonic Missile Arms Race: China Vs. Russia vs. America
This week, DARPA and the Air Force announced the successful flight of a hypersonic cruise missile. This test puts the United States in a big power competition to decide which country can supply hypersonics to their arsenal more quickly.

Hypersonic missile tests for B-1 bomber coming next year, Boeing says
It is argued that an improved B-1 equipped with hypersonic missiles would help close the capability gap with Russia and China until the arrival of the B-21 Raider.

Ukraine is preparing to buy 24 Turkish drones. So why has Russia not backed down?
Ukraine hopes to quickly reverse a deal to buy 24 drones from Turkey, but the opponent of the former and the ally of the latter could upset the potential sale.


Congress is out of step with the public on Pentagon spending
In a startling move given the money U.S. taxpayers already spend on the Pentagon year after year, the House of Representatives recently voted to increase the Biden administration’s request for the department by $ 24 billion.

Defense board revives after Pentagon review
The Biden administration brought together one of the Pentagon’s most influential advisory boards with a diverse group of business leaders, seven months after its disbandment.

US military trains forces across military on tools to combat drones
Part of the U.S. military’s primary role in standardizing anti-drone strategies in the military is a joint training effort on a suite of tools and sensors to block or eliminate small unmanned aerial systems.

New army pilot program to test mobile communications of armored brigades
The pilot is an important step towards designing the on-the-move networking capabilities that armored brigades will need to prepare for future more mobile battlefields.

US Navy launches task force to hunt Russian submarines
The US Navy recently announced the formation of a task force comprising Arleigh Burke-class destroyers to counter the Russian submarine threat in the Atlantic Ocean.


Afghan veterans refocus their service after the end of the war
Afghanistan veterans wonder what their service meant after the end of the 20 Years War.

VHA continues to experience “serious” staff shortages in critical areas: watchdog
“Serious” staff shortages persist in areas such as psychiatry, nursing, and physicians, despite the VA’s progress in filling vacancies.



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