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Navy nuclear engineer and wife arrested for attempting to sell submarine secrets to foreign power
Maryland-based Navy nuclear engineer and his wife were arrested for selling secret information on the design of nuclear warships to someone they believed to be a foreign power but who was in fact an undercover agent from the FBI.

Army reviews lessons from Afghanistan evacuation as thousands seek refuge
Between 10,000 and 15,000 evacuated Afghans are yet to arrive in America, the director of operations of the US Transportation Command said on October 7.

Taliban say they won’t work with US to contain Islamic State
Senior Taliban officials and US officials met this weekend in Qatar’s capital Doha. The United States has made it clear that the talks are not a preamble to recognition.

Court martial scheduled for Stuart Scheller, Marine who criticized the withdrawal from Afghanistan
A US Navy who posted videos on social media criticizing military leadership and the withdrawal of the Biden administration from Afghanistan will be the subject of a court martial on October 14-15 at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC


Army awards contract to Boeing Chinook despite continuing technical issues
The U.S. military awarded Boeing a $ 391 million contract to build the first batch of five CH-47F Block II aircraft for the active force, as the service and company continue to resolve technical issues with the program .

After delay, decision to jointly produce full-flow air-to-surface missiles is now expected in mid-2022
Having failed to achieve the desired lethal effects on a maritime target, the US Army and Marine Corps had to delay the commissioning of the joint air-to-surface missile.

Estonia buys Blue Spear missiles for coastal defense
The Estonian military will receive the Blue Spear missile system to improve coastal defense under a new contract signed with Proteus Advanced Systems, a joint venture between Israel Aerospace Industries and ST Engineering Land Systems.


China won AI battle against US, former Pentagon software chief says
China has won the artificial intelligence battle with the United States and is heading for global domination due to its technological advancements, the former Pentagon’s software chief told the Financial Times.

Pilot errors on descent led to fatal T-38 crash in February, Air Force says
The student pilot’s tendency to overcorrect when problems arose contributed to his death and that of his instructor.


Unemployment among veterans remained stable in September as national outlook improved
About 300,000 ex-combatants were looking but could not find stable employment last month.



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