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Al-Qaeda could rebuild itself in Afghanistan in a year or two, according to US officials.
Earlier this year, senior Pentagon officials said al Qaeda could recover in two years, then told lawmakers after the fall of the Afghan government that they were revising that timeline.

Putin denounces the presence of American and Turkish troops in Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the presence of foreign troops in Syria, saying they are there against the will of the Syrian government and block consolidation of the war-torn country, the Kremlin said on September 14.

Lawmakers threaten to sue SECDEF for mistakes in Afghanistan
Lloyd Austin is due to appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee later this month to discuss the withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Lockheed lands up to $ 6.6 billion F-35 sustainment contract
On September 13, the Pentagon awarded Lockheed Martin a contract worth up to $ 6.6 billion to maintain the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter for fiscal year 2021-2023, a deal that will reduce the cost of piloting the aircraft by approximately 8%.

BAE bets on battery-powered quadcopter drone for freight transport
BAE Systems is entering the quadcopter drone business in collaboration with drone maker Malloy Aeronautics to produce an electric vehicle capable of lifting loads of up to 300 kg.

British push forward for directed energy weapons in vehicles, ships-
UK Ministry of Defense has awarded three directed energy weapons demonstration contracts totaling £ 72.5million ($ 100million) to UK industry teams, officials said September 14.

Milrem and Kongsberg build robotic winger-
European companies Milrem Robotics and Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace are teaming up to design and build a new robotic combat vehicle designed to meet the requirements of the European and United States military, according to a statement by Milrem released on September 15 at the show in DSEI defense in London. .

BAE Systems is considering a new space activity with the acquisition of In-Space-
BAE Systems took a step forward in the UK satellite business with the acquisition of low-orbit spacecraft manufacturer In-Space Missions.

Thales-led industrial group to strengthen Europe’s submarine warfare capabilities
The European Commission has selected a consortium of companies, led by France’s Thales, to equip its navies against high-tech underwater threats, including submarines, unmanned systems and naval mines.


Sean Spicer joins lawsuit against DOD, Navy and Naval Academy over Board of Visitors-
Former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer has joined a lawsuit against the Department of Defense, Navy, Army, Air Force and service academies for the inability of advisory committees to meet.

The US Navy and Boeing conduct the first-ever refueling between an F-35C-unmanned refueller
The US Navy’s MQ-25 Stingray unmanned refueler completed its first aerial refueling with an F-35C Joint Strike Fighter, the third type of aircraft to take fuel from the Navy’s first unmanned system designed to be deployed in a future carrier strike group.

Marines advancing the anti-ship missile as part of the force modernization plan-
The Marine Corps is moving forward with the development of a ship-killer missile that is at the heart of a long-term restructuring of the military, the branch said on September 14.

The Air Force tried to kill the A-10 by cutting off its wings and depriving it of parts-
A new report reveals how hard the service has worked behind the scenes to deprive the aircraft of spare parts over the past 14 years.


Afghan veterans struggling with mental health challenges
Approximately 775,000 members of the US armed forces have served at least 1 deployment to Afghanistan; a new survey of 1,250 such veterans found that 70 percent of them have had mental health issues since serving in Afghanistan.

The “Healing Pack” Offers a New Source of Therapy for Veterans With PTSD
A new way of providing therapy to veterans who may be suffering from PTSD has found its way to Wisconsin. Finding ways to cope in a positive way is through the use of wolfdogs.



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