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U.S. House Adds Russian Debt Sanctions to Defense Policy Bill
The US House supported a provision that would extend the ban on Americans buying or selling newly issued Russian sovereign debt in secondary markets to punish Moscow for its interference in the US elections.

Lawmakers consider tying Iron Dome to Palestinian aid in pursuit of resolution
Senate Democrats are discussing whether to pair new funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system with aid to Palestinians after $ 1 billion for the system was removed from an interim spending patch that has passed by the House on September 21.

Milley meets her Russian counterpart
General Mark Milley, Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, met with the Russian Chief of the General Staff, General Valery Gerasimov, on September 22.


This heavy transport drone could quietly carry a spearfishing torpedo
The result of a partnership between British defense giant BAE and drone company Malloy Aeronautics, the T-650 is a fully electric heavy-lift drone. Its payloads will include everything from supplies on the battlefield to torpedoes fired at submarines.

Peerless Joint Venture Wins $ 9 Million Contract to Support Arsenal of Nuclear Weapons
The joint venture of a Beavercreek company and a Fairborn company celebrates a $ 9.2 million contract to support the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center.

United Arab Emirates, Britain anchor defense research and technology agreements on AI. Here is the continuation
The United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom recently signed a memorandum of understanding on artificial intelligence that would see the transfer of knowledge, investments and related standards. And the next day, the UAE’s Tawazun Economic Council signed a memo with the UK Ministry of Defense to strengthen cooperation in defense-related research and development.


US military uses high altitude balloons in arctic gunnery exercise
The US military recently conducted an interdomain exercise with allies and partners in the Arctic Sea to examine new methods of combat.

All planes are on the table for further deployments to Australia, says Pacific Air boss
The growing military cooperation between the United States and Australia is also poised to have ripple effects on aviation.

Watchdog expects delays for upcoming Space Force missile warning satellites
The unclassified report finds that technology and staffing challenges pose a high risk of delays for the Next Generation Persistent Infrared program.


Keeping memories alive: First Lady shines a light on Gold Star families this week
The family of Army 1st Lt. Demetrius Frisian is one of the Gold Star families that will be highlighted on First Lady Jill Biden’s social media on September 22.

Thousands of caregivers could lose monthly allowances in new VA exam
Nearly 20,000 caregivers of injured veterans will have their cases reviewed to see if they are still eligible for the benefit.



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