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Senior leaders did not want to leave Afghanistan
Senior military leaders have admitted for the first time that President Biden failed to follow their advice.

Milley denies working to undermine Trump or civilian control of the military
In his first comments to lawmakers on the controversy, the Joint Chiefs Chairman said his actions in the final days of the Trump presidency were all routine.

China plans to unveil drones, moon rocket at air show
China plans to show off its latest military and space hardware.


Boeing delivers the first Super Hornet Block IIIs to the US Navy
Boeing has announced the delivery of its first Super Hornet Block III F / A-18 to the US Navy, the first of 78 it will deliver under contract.

Just like you are on the plane: »The Boeing Center is developing virtual training for Navy planes
On a tour of Boeing’s new Training Development Center for Navy aircraft, Captain Matthew Pottenburgh eagerly donned virtual reality goggles and picked up controllers, nodding his head while marveling at his new virtual environment.

SASC worries efforts by DOD missile warning satellites could collapse
The first next-generation OPIR satellites, designed to replace the current SBIRS missile alert constellation from 2025, are expected to be delayed, according to GAO in a new report.

Czech Republic buys Spyder Israeli air defense weapon for $ 627 million
The Czech Defense Ministry has signed an agreement to acquire the Spyder surface-to-air missile systems manufactured by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The contract is worth 13.69 billion crowns ($ 627 million), the ministry said in a statement.

Greece signs pact to buy three frigates from France
The Greek Defense Ministry has pledged to buy three frigates from the French naval group with weapons supplied by MBDA as part of a potential $ 3.5 billion deal, the companies said on September 28.


Black Hawk Army Pilot Builds Tool to Improve Flight Training, Wins Competition
A new device created by a soldier could help pilots of all planes gain immediate, actionable information on how they fly.

New diagram details how Navy frigate will be different from its Italian parents’ design
The Constellation-class frigate will notably be taller and wider, displacing hundreds of tons more than the Italian design from which it was derived.

Why the Navy’s Super Hornet Block III F / A-18 fighter is so dangerous
Christmas arrived early for the United States Navy, as the service received Boeing’s first two Block III F / A-18 Super Hornet jets. The US aviation giant is responsible for delivering a total of 78 of the modernized planes to the Navy.


Quality Care, Restoring Confidence for All Veterans Remains Top Priority for VA Health Care
The Veterans Health Administration is the country’s largest integrated health system, serving 9 million veterans in 1,293 health facilities across the country.



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