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This page includes a guide to how to destroy antiaircraft guns and military targets in Far Cry 6, allowing safe flying around Yara.

How to destroy antiaircraft guns

Far Cry 6 first asks players to destroy anti-aircraft guns and military targets as part of the main story of Libertad Rises, which is Operation 7.

Beyond this mission, players will head to the Yara continent, where AA guns cover much of the territory in “no-fly zones”. Destroying these anti-aircraft weapons will be extremely important to ensure that you can use anything to bring down the regime.

When you look around the Yara map (check out our fully interactive Yara map here) you will see prominent red circles and anti-aircraft site markers, so click on them to set markers to guide you to your target.

When flying around the map (perhaps with the fantastic Angelito FW Turbo) another sign that there is an anti-aircraft gun nearby is that you will be contacted by radio by air traffic control or military forces.

A red banner will also appear on the screen to let you know that enemies are preparing to shoot you down, your minimap will be circled in red, and the name of the anti-aircraft gun base will be displayed in the lower left corner.

When this happens, lower your flight height until you are very close to the ground (or return to drive mode if you are in the Angelito), which will lower you below the radar, allowing you to continue flying. . Use this technique to approach the base, then exit your vehicle.

Anti-aircraft gun installations are usually very lightly guarded, if there are soldiers stationed nearby.


Approach and hit the big cannon with some explosive weapon. Dynamite works wonders, so throw one at the base of the giant turret and the anti-aircraft gun will be destroyed, allowing you to roam the sky safe from enemy fire!



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