Iran blocks enemy plane from 400 km away: official


Afshin Naderi Sharif, Iran’s deputy defense minister for industrial affairs and research, said the local air defense forces have made such significant progress in recent years that a hostile aerial object cannot easily penetrate. the country’s airspace undetected.

“We were able to block enemy reconnaissance planes at a distance of 400 kilometers. The enemy is also aware that this know-how has been acquired by the defense industry of the Islamic Republic and has been institutionalized,” he added.

Naderi Sharif noted that foreign countries with technological advances demanded to buy defense systems from Iran.

Rejecting foreign media propaganda aimed at downplaying the quality of Iranian weapons, the deputy minister said that these hostile attempts have mainly focused on Iranian drones.

“The enemy had recognized our missile power, but they did not expect us to make fundamental progress in the field of drones under such sanctions,” he added.

In recent weeks, Western governments have accused Iran of arming Russia with weapons and military drones amid the war in Ukraine. Tehran has categorically rejected allegations of the delivery of drones for use in the war in Ukraine.

In remarks during a meeting with a group of academic elites and outstanding scientific talents on October 19, Islamic Revolution leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei hailed the country’s success in developing weapons military and advances in the arms industries.

“A few years ago when photographs of our advanced missiles and drones were published, some said they had been retouched. But now they are saying, ‘Iranian drones are very dangerous, why are you selling them to so-and-so, why do you give it to so-and-so?” the chief said.


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