Israel gives green light for civilian plane to fly over occupied West Bank – Middle East Monitor


The Israel Airports Authority (IAA) has opened a new flight path to Ben-Gurion International Airport that sees civilian planes flying low over the outskirts of Ramallah and other West Bank cities, reports Haaretz.

This new route could expose planes to ground fire as they pass over the West Bank and poses a “security risk”, but despite this, the new route has been approved by the IDF. A former senior official with the Israel Civil Aviation Authority acknowledged the risk but said that if a plane was fired while on this flight path, the “gates of hell Would be opened against the Palestinians in the occupied territory.

A few weeks ago, Israel accused Russia of interfering with GPS systems in its airspace. Russia has dismissed the allegations and called them “false news”. However, following reports of planes losing signals on their GPS near Ben-Gurion Airport, the IAA was forced to stress that “measures are in place to allow safe landings and take-offs. “at the airport despite the disruption.

Israeli officials also had to stop flights using the old route that avoided flying over the West Bank. They installed a new system that allows planes to land when pilots have no visual contact with the runway.

Relations between Israel and Russia are strained, the “unofficial” interference of the former in the Syrian civil war and the regular airstrikes on Iranian positions in Syria increasing tensions between Moscow and Tel Aviv.

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