New images from MH17: rebels discover debris came from civilian plane


New footage has been released the day after the Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 crashed. The plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine exactly one year ago, causing the loss of 298 passengers and crew.

What were they doing while flying on this road?

The 17-minute amateur video was obtained by media company News Corp Australia and was published on their site The company says it was filmed by separatist rebels at the crash site as they begin to realize the downed plane was a commercial plane.

It is suggested that the footage shows the voice of a unit commander, speaking Russian and Ukrainian, who has been ordered to search for the wreckage of a military plane and is shocked to discover that the debris actually came from ‘an airliner.

Australia “disgusted” by the images

Western governments believe that Russian-backed rebels shot down the plane at cruising altitude. Russia denies any involvement and suggested, along with separatists in the region, that it was shot down by a missile fired by a Ukrainian military plane. Kiev denies it.

It has also been suggested that the MH-17 was shot down by rebels in the area, in a failed attempt to target a Ukrainian military plane.

News Corp Australia said it turned over the footage to a multinational joint investigation team this week.


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