Paramount supply transport planes in Mozambique – Military Africa


The South African group Paramount has delivered two transport aircraft to the Mozambican Defense Armed Forces (FADM) needed to strengthen the combat readiness capacity against terrorism plaguing Cabo Delgado province.

Speaking during the presentation of the aircraft, Air Force (FA) Commander Major General Cândido Tirano said the aircraft are; a LET 410 and CASA 235 with capacities of 17 and 30 seats.

Major General Cândido Tirano said that military transport aircraft are intended for military transport and logistics missions as well as the deployment of paratroopers.

Both aircraft offer landing and take-off advantages on conventional runways.

Tirano also believed that Paremount, a South African aerospace defense industries company, is cooperating with the FADM in various aspects, such as training its personnel, supplying and repairing various types of military equipment.

The commander thanked the Mozambican government for its partnership with the Paramount company and the equipment of the Mozambican FA branch, he pointed out.

Paramount continues to provide critical support to Mozambican forces fighting violent extremist organizations (VEOs) in the oil and gas-rich Cabo Delgado region.

Paramount trains fifteen Mozambican pilots at the Paramount Technical Training Academy based at Polokwane International Airport, while Burnham Global also trains Mozambican military personnel in armored vehicle operations.

Last year, Paramount has delivered six Gazelle light utility helicopters to help with counter-insurgency in Cabo Delgado.

Both Gazelles were acquired from ex-British Army stock by Paramount at auction.

The activity also includes the sale of twelve Marauder armored vehicles manufactured by Paramount.

Although, one of the Gazelle helicopters deployed against the jihadists in northern Mozambique was shot down with small arms fire.

Also, Paramount Group has supplied its Mwari ISR ​​aircraft to Mozambique on behalf of the national government.

The Mwari with a Bombardier Dash 8 Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft operated by PAL Aerospace of Canada; are the two major components of the ISR helping the government in its fight against the insurgents.


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