Pune: C-130 aircraft lands at NDA, an airfield ready for operational military aviation, officials say | Pune News



PUNE: NDA authorities said the airfield on academy premises could be used for training and operational military aviation.
On September 23, a C-130 military transport aircraft successfully landed at the NDA airfield. An academy official said that with the successful landing and take-off of the aircraft, the classification of the airfield as a facility hosting operations by IAF frontline transport aircraft has been ratified. “This step will greatly contribute to the use of the NDA airfield for training and operational military aviation,” the official said.
Tests for a fixed-wing landing of a Dornier aircraft and a successful landing were carried out in 2019. reached on September 23, ”the official said.
The NDA has a fully-fledged airfield where Sixth Quarter Air Force cadets undergo exit training aboard the Super Dimona aircraft. “The runway is also used for routine training and operational missions of the Mi 17 1V medium transport helicopters, Chetaks and advanced light helicopters of the army,” the official said.
The track is approximately 1.5 km long and 30 m wide. “With its 5,000-foot runway and functional air traffic control, the airfield can accommodate military air operations by helicopter and most fixed-wing transport aircraft,” said the academy official.
Group Captain (retd) Johnson Chacko, a fighter pilot and former NDA Air Force senior training instructor, said the academy runway can now be used for a landing. emergency. “Light aircraft used by businessmen can make an emergency landing. In the event of an unfavorable security scenario at Pune Airport, the NDA runway can be used for operational purposes, ”Chacko said.



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