RAF fighter plane heard over Nottinghamshire as it intercepted civilian plane



An RAF fighter jet flew over Nottinghamshire on Sunday evening, September 26, it has been confirmed.

A Typhoon fighter was launched to intercept a civilian plane, the jet being heard over the Hucknall area in Nottinghamshire at around 9 p.m.

The interception took place in the Midlands and the North East, the RAF confirmed in a statement.

The intercepted civilian plane was escorted to Belfast Airport where it landed safely.

A Royal Air Force spokesperson said: “RAF Typhoon fighter jets were launched from RAF Coningsby last night to intercept a civilian aircraft.

“After an uneventful interception, the civilian aircraft was escorted to Belfast Airport where it landed safely.”

The force said this was part of normal operation as they regularly fly at high speed or close to the sound barrier.

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