Raytheon Demonstrates Critical JADC2 Capability for US Military


During the Department of Defense’s Valiant Shield 22 exercise this month, Raytheon Intelligence & Space successfully demonstrated its ability to collect data on a simulated maritime threat and then share targeting solutions with defense distributed in the Western Pacific Ocean – a key test of society. Common infrastructure for command and control of all domains.

Raytheon’s Multi-Program Testbed, or RMT – a converted Boeing 727 – used a combination of radar and electronic intelligence sensors to characterize the simulated threat. On-board processors then synthesized the data in seconds to create a complete targeting solution that was fed to tactical platforms.

“In multi-domain warfare, seconds could be the difference between victory and defeat,” said Eric Ditmars, president of Secure Sensor Solutions at RI&S. “This experience shows that we can deliver synthesized, multi-source data to commanders faster than ever, giving them a decisive advantage on the battlefield.”

Raytheon’s RMT, along with a KC-135 aircraft, four US Navy F/A-18 fighters and a command and control station on the continental United States quickly shared data in a highly contested simulated environment. This scenario demonstrates Raytheon’s ability to provide successful machine-to-machine communication capabilities to securely share information between multiple sensors and defense systems.

“Bringing these capabilities to the field gives us the highest degree of confidence in their real-world applicability,” Ditmars said. “This allows us to test them in operational environments and accelerate their maturity.”

Valiant Shield 22 is a biennial US-only field training that builds real-world skills in sustaining US forces by detecting, locating, tracking and engaging units at sea, in the air, on land and in the air. cyberspace in response to a range of mission areas.


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