Saudi Arabia seeks military aircraft and spare parts



Riyadh-Alsalam Aircraft Company, the main aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul company in Riyadh, changed its identity to “Alsalam Aerospace Industries”.

This change is part of an integrated and holistic program the company has embarked on based on its technical advances in the aerospace industry.

Alsalam has moved from its basic aircraft maintenance, repair, modification and upgrade capabilities to the assembly of military aircraft and the manufacturing of major military components.

The company has developed its technical and non-technical capabilities and established itself as a regional leader and the Kingdom’s leading supplier of aerospace products and services for military and commercial aircraft.

Alsalam Aerospace Industries President and CEO Yahya al-Ghoraibi said the change of company name, introduction of the new brand identity and the transformation of the company to include manufacturing reflect our continuous efforts to develop the aviation industry in the Kingdom.

Ghoraibi said the coming decade will see the manufacture of some aircraft while this year will see the manufacture of spare parts for aircraft.

He confirmed that 90% of structural materials will be manufactured in-house by 2030.

At a press conference on Monday, Ghoraibi explained that the company made modifications to the helicopters of the military fleet affiliated with the Interior Ministry.

He noted that there are many discussions being held with other government agencies such as the Saudi National Guard and the Red Crescent to carry out maintenance work.

The CEO pointed out that there are different types of maintenance; daily, monthly and quarterly annually. In the event that any of the aircraft equipment has been developed, the company applies this development in cooperation with specialized military parties.



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