Taiwan scrambles planes as Chinese planes enter air defense zone | China News



The Chinese plane included 12 J-16 fighters and two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers, according to the Taiwanese ministry.

The Taiwan Air Force has again rushed to warn 19 Chinese planes that entered its air defense zone, according to its defense ministry, during the latest rise in tensions in the Straits of Taiwan.

The Chinese plane included 12 J-16 fighters and two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers, the ministry said Thursday.

On Friday, the ministry said the Taiwan Air Force had warned 10 Chinese planes that allegedly entered its air zone in a similar incident.

It involved six J-16 and two J-11 fighters as well as an anti-submarine plane and a reconnaissance plane, according to the ministry.

China’s claimed Taiwan complained about repeated Chinese Air Force missions near the democratically ruled island, often in the southwestern part of its air defense zone near the controlled island of Pratas by Taiwan.

Last week’s incident came a day after Taiwan proposed to increase military spending by $ 8.7 billion over the next five years, including on new missiles, warning of an urgent need for modernize weapons in the face of a “serious threat” from China.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, who first took office in 2016, has made modernizing the armed forces and increasing defense spending a priority.

“The Chinese Communists have continued to invest heavily in national defense budgets, their military might has grown rapidly, and they have frequently sent planes and ships to invade and harass our seas and airspace,” the Chinese Communists said. Taiwan’s defense ministry in a statement last Thursday after a weekly cabinet meeting.



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