UAE claims Qatari fighter jets intercept second civilian plane



Authorities in the United Arab Emirates have claimed that Qatari fighter jets intercepted a second civilian airliner on Monday, despite vehement denials of the initial incident by a spokesman for the Qatari Foreign Ministry.

The allegations involved an Emirati civilian plane en route to Bahrain, with the UAE alleging it was in direct violation of international law. Several hours later, allegations of a second incident near Manama Airport were made in the Emirati media, citing the United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority.

The UAE Civil Aviation Authority described the second incident as “a further violation of international laws and conventions and a flagrant and serious threat to the safety of civil aviation,” the news agency reports. BNA.

The UAE’s two major airlines have so far declined to comment on the alleged incidents PA reports.

The UAE condemned the alleged incidents and said it will take all necessary and legal measures to protect its civilian planes. Its General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) described the first incident as “a flagrant and dangerous threat to the safety of civil aviation, as well as a flagrant violation of international laws and agreements,” according to the agency. state press. WAM.

It is not clear whether the interception forced civilian flights to change course, and Qatar has yet to provide an official response to reports of the incident. “It was a routine and scheduled flight in accordance with international aviation law,” the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority said in an online statement, as quoted by Asharq Al-Awsat.

The civilian carrier allegedly involved in the incidents has not yet been identified, fueling speculation online that it could be an Emirati military aircraft.

If it turns out that these are civilian planes, such a move would constitute a clear escalation of the ongoing diplomatic feud in the region, following the blockade of Qatar by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the Egypt and the United Arab Emirates in June amid allegations that Qatar was a sponsor state of extremist groups.



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