US uses civilian jets to aid evacuation efforts in Afghanistan



The Taliban are seeking legitimacy and have made promises, but Washington will see if they “mean it or not,” said Joe Biden, US president. Biden also said “I don’t trust anyone” when asked whether or not he believes the Taliban. “The Taliban have said and we’ll see if they mean or not,” he said. Biden’s remarks come as nations continue to evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan via the Kabul airport, which is under the control of US forces. The United States has asked for help from On August 22, the Pentagon announced that it had called in 18 civilian planes from United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air and others to transport people from temporary locations after they land on flights from Afghanistan. The US military has withdrawn about 25,100 people from Afghanistan since August 14 and about 30,000 since the end of July. Biden previously said: “The evacuation of Kabul is one of the most important and difficult airlifts in history. Meanwhile, an Afghan woman gave birth aboard a US military evacuation flight moments after landing at Ramstein Air Base in Germany on August 21. Watch the video to learn more.



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