Widebody Boeing 777X to make international public debut next week, military aircraft in tow



With the world’s attention turned to the decisions taken at the COP 26 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, it is only natural that some of the world’s biggest polluters are trying to capitalize on the hype surrounding the environmentally friendly plans for the future. And Boeing is no exception, as it will bring to the 2021 Dubai Airshow next week the best technology it has to make flights more fuel efficient.

The Dubai event opens on November 14 and will see the American company flood the purpose-built site in the Arab city with flying machines, both civilian and military.

The highlight of Boeing’s presence there is the international launch of the 777X widebody. “The world’s largest and most efficient jet”. Under construction since 2013, the machine derived from the 777 should provide “10% lower fuel consumption and emissions and 10% lower operating costs than the competition.”

When ready to serve airlines (there will be two versions, 777-8 and 777-9), the aircraft should be able to accommodate up to 426 passengers (version 777-9) and carry them over distances of up to 16,170 km (just over 10,000 miles, for the 777-8 variant), which is roughly the distance between Los Angeles and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Responsible for keeping the aircraft in the air is a pair of General Electric GE9x engines, “The most fuel efficient jet engine GE has ever produced on a per pound of thrust basis. “

In addition to the 777X, Boeing will flood Dubai with military jets, bringing items such as the KC-46A Pegasus, P-8 Poseidon and MV-22 Osprey to the scene. The F-15EX Eagle II and even the pride of its Australian operations, the Boeing Airpower Teaming System, will also be on deck.

On the civilian side, the 777X will be accompanied by the Alaska Airlines 737-9 ecoDemonstrator, a modified Etihad Airways 787-10 Dreamliner and a more fuel-efficient flydubai 737 MAX 9.



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