YU-20 tanker plane already deployed for China-Russia joint strategic air patrol (PLA Air Force spokesperson)


About 140,000 spectators gathered at Dafangshen Airport in Changchun for the PLA Air Force Open Day on Sunday. The audience was fascinated by the flight performance of various types of aircraft and the display of star jets, including YU-20, H-6, J-10C and KJ-500. The photo is the YU-20 on display on August 28, 2022. Photo: Cui Meng

Next-generation military aircraft such as the YU-20 aerial tanker and J-16 fighter jets have been deployed in the China-Russia Joint Strategic Air Patrol, senior army spokesman Colonel Shen Jinke said. from the air of the APL, in response to a question. from the Global Times regarding the flight path of the YU-20 during a press conference for the PLA Air Force Open Day in Changchun, northeastern China’s Jilin Province. China), Sunday.

Implementing plans for cooperation between the two armies, China and Russia have carried out regular joint air patrol in the airspace over the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan, the East China Sea and the western Pacific Ocean on May 24. Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) on May 29 released footage where Chinese J-16 fighter jets, H-6K bomber and Russian Tu-95MS bomber flew together, the first time China revealed the information that the J-16 fighter jets carried out an escort mission for the Bombardier H-6K.

The YU-20, J-16 and H-6K multirole fighters made their public appearance at the Changchun Air Show on Friday, and the YU-20 aerial tanker, the force enhancer that recently entered military service PLA air force and made frequent appearances at exercises around the island of Taiwan earlier this month received a lot of attention.

Shen noted that whatever type of aircraft is part of the joint patrol, it plays its part. “Each joint patrol is systematic training for actual combat purposes to enhance the ability to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.”

According to Yang Minghui, commander of the PLA Air Force YU-20 who attended the press conference on Saturday, the YU-20 has good flight performance and good oil-carrying capacity, which can improve combat. continuous and long-range strike of the Air Force. capacities.

Since its installation, the oil carrier has participated in more than 20 training activities, extensively tested its support capabilities in live combat training and served as an Air Force multiplier, has revealed Yang.

Yang Kaihua, the captain of the H-6K bomber who attended Sunday’s press conference, said the H-6K is a new medium-range and long-range bomber independently developed by China.

In recent years, the Air Force H-6K unit has been training hard and preparing for a real battle. From plain to plateau, from inland to distant sea, it has a broader vision and enhanced capabilities, he noted.

Over the past decade, Shen said, the H-6K bomber has flown over four straits – Bashi Strait, Miyako Strait, Tsushima Strait as well as the Taiwan Strait.

And also in the past 10 years, the PLA Air Force has also carried out eight new deployments, including China-Russia joint air patrol, East China Sea and South China Sea patrols and combat exercises in the Taiwan Strait. “We flew along flight paths we’ve never had before and we’ve gone to places we’ve never had before.”

Shen stressed that the Chinese military will always be an unwavering force in safeguarding world peace. The PLA Air Force faithfully fulfills the sacred mission of defending the security of the motherland and maintaining world peace, and provides air power to support the realization of the Chinese Dream and the dream of building a Chinese army. strong.


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