Zenith AeroTech and VIRTEX join forces to increase production of captive heavy lift unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)


AFTON, Virginia – Zenith AeroTech, a designer of captive unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Afton, Va., Has partnered with contract manufacturer VIRTEX in Austin, Texas, to accelerate production of captive heavy-lift drones for civilian applications and military.

Zenith AeroTech and VIRTEX are forming a strategic partnership to meet growing customer demand for fast-rotating tethered drones that meet U.S. Army and Congressional guidelines.

“Zenith brings years of experience in the design and manufacture of tethered drones and bespoke free-flight drones, while VIRTEX brings its much sought-after advanced electronic design, manufacturing and testing capabilities,” said Kutlay Kaya, president of Zenith AeroTech. enables Zenith to increase production to meet larger volume orders in a shorter timeframe.

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Zenith AeroTech offers three different customizable captive UAV platforms for industry, federal government, first responders, telecommunications, and military applications.

A tethered drone connects to a ground station via a cable that transmits power and control commands to the aircraft, and transmits live video and other information to operators on the ground.

Zenith AeroTech offers the Hexa, Quad 8 and Quadro captive heavy transport drones, with the Zenith Ground Power-Tether management system that allows these unmanned helicopters to stay aloft for days on end for constant surveillance.

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VIRTEX provides engineering, design, system-level integration, printed circuit board assembly and lifecycle management services for aerospace, military and commercial applications.

Zenith will help VIRTEX enter the small unmanned aircraft market, with the introduction of new defense and law enforcement customers. “We provide cutting-edge custom solutions that support multiple channels, including defense,” said Dana Pittman, executive vice president of VIRTEX.

For more information, contact Zenith AeroTech online at https://zenithaerotech.com, or VIRTEX at www.virtex.us.


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